Alcatraz to Standing Rock

Narrated by Dr. LaNada War Jack

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Historical Snapshots

Bannock (Bah nah qwat) Chiefs


The last Indian Wars in the west were with the Ba nah qwat and Shoshonean bands of the Paiute, Shoshone and Banahqwat peoples called the Bannock War of 1878. This continued with the "Sheepeater Campaign" in 1880 to remove all of the remaining people onto the Fort Hall Reservation, Idaho.

Alcatraz Island, the sacred island of the Ohlone turned into the site of "Man's Inhumanity to Man" as a federal prison.


The  island was central to Native people as the US government incarcerated the last chiefs of the Indian wars in the west on this island. Native students from UC Berkeley and SF State occupied this island for 19 months in protest of the genocide, ill governmental policies and over 500 Broken Treaties, 

Gathering of the Chiefs

The remaining chiefs during the last war in the west. There are many different kinds of chiefs. The

The goal was keep the peace and not give the calvary an excuse to kill Natives.  Chief Eagle Eye is third to the left. He was called "Hyas Tyhe" Chief of Chiefs. He was a peace chief and diplomat and hosted many gatherings of tribes in his territory of Weiser and Indian Valley, Idaho. Left to him is "Oyotes" a powerful medicine chief from Oregon Territory. The US Government had bounties for the heads of these men.